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Davis Memorial Library




Written by Mary Braley

It’s another turn of the seasons here in Limington. The leaves are falling and after an unusual spell of late Summer weather, so are the temperatures. Our garden has shown us its last flowers and is settling in for the winter to rest under the snow for next Spring’s crocuses & daffodils. We too, are getting ready for the changes the new seasons always bring.

One of our favorite Fall happenings is welcoming a new H.B. Emery class to the library for bi-weekly visits. We have about 25 fourth graders coming on alternate Thursday afternoons this year. The kids love their visits and as soon as they have chosen a book they sit around the tables and on cushions on the floor, enjoying them. The sight of them just warms a librarian’s heart! They always say Thank You as they line up to head back to the school.

The Story Hour continues to do well with a small, but regular group of adorable small children coming each week at 10:30AM on Thursdays to enjoy stories, songs and simple crafts. Our regular Story Hour lady, “Miss Heidi” Libby, has been having some serious back problems for the past couple of months, so “Miss Mary” Braley took over for a while, and now “Miss Lea” Sutton. The children miss their beloved “Miss Heidi”, but still enjoy the Story Hour with the fill-in story ladies. The story ladies enjoy the children, too.

With colder weather, heating bills, and the holidays closing in, we want to remind people that we always have a basket from the Limington Food Pantry here at the library. Any non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, or personal care items are welcome and very much appreciated. We accept money donations for the Food Pantry, too. Hard times can strike anyone, and a little bit of help from a lot of people can make a big difference. Helping also seems to reward the giver, too.

The holiday season is coming up soon and many of us are either starting our gift buying or trying to come up with good ideas for the folks on our lists. The library can provide some things that can’t be found at Walmart or Target. We have copies of Robert Taylor’s book “Early Families of Limington”, a must-have for people interested in genealogy & family history. Our Friends of the Library Group is selling coffee mugs with the library logo on the front and a quote “Knowledge is free at the library. Just bring your own container”. That always makes us smile. They also have some insulated travel mugs. The Friends group supports the library in many ways.  In co-operation with the Limington Historical Society, we have for sale copies of their ever popular calendar. The theme of the 2018 calendar is “Gone, but not forgotten”, of places that are no longer here in town. They are also selling copies of Robert Taylor’s “History of Limington”, “Town Roads of Limington”, & “Limington Town Records...1792-1860”. All of the Historical Society’s items would make great gifts for people interested in Limington’s past.

Now that the season of extra stormy weather is upon us, we want to remind our friends and patrons of our storm closing policy. If the school district, RSU 6, is closed the chances are that the library is closed as well. Exceptions would storms that prevented morning school bus runs, but was cleaned up in time for an afternoon library opening. if there’s no electricity the library may be closed & certainly would be after dark. Also, a storm that starts mid-day or later could make us close early to allow the staff to get home safely. The bottom line during “iffy” weather is to call first! A quick call can let you know if we are open & if we plan to close early. Don’t worry about about items due on a day we close for bad weather. They will automatically be due the next day we are open. We don’t want anyone endangered for a library visit!

We are getting close to being on-line for circulating books. We are short handed right now, but are still working hard at it. We want to thank all the patrons who have filled out new forms so that we can have their new, bar-coded cards ready as soon as our system is ready for them. You will make the changeover to the new system much easier. If you, or someone you know hasn’t filled out the new form, please come in and do it. It will only take a few minutes, and will be a big help. Thanks.