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Written by Mary Braley

Happy Summer to all our library friends & patrons. We hope you all enjoy the warm summer days. Remember, a good book is a great companion on a day at the beach, while camping, or just hanging out in the back yard on a nice summer’s day. We have all kinds of books, new and old.

Limington celebrated its 225th birthday this year. There was a combination 4th of July/Limington birthday parade on Sat., July 1st. It was a really fine parade and the library had a float in it. The float showed kids at a Story Hour, and displays showing that we have WiFi, genealogy & local history, book groups and more, as well as lots of books. There was a picture of smiling librarians waving & welcoming folks to the library. Our float won “Best Representation of Theme”, and 1st Place Float in the parade! We have our Best of Theme trophy on our mantel for all to see. We are very proud of the team of trustees, Friends of the Library, Book Group members, & their families who pulled all that together in a about a week of planning and very hard work! They made it possible for the library to be part of the celebration. Thank you all so very much!

On both July1st & 2nd, as part of the town’s 225th birthday, there was a Limington history presentation given by Edwin “Pete” Childs in the library’s parking lot, followed by a Historic Building tour. Our library was part of the tour. We had a display about our 104 year-old building, the story behind the library, and some of the changes over the years. Heidi Libby & Sue Lord were there to greet folks, answer questions, and reminisce with former patrons who stopped in. We think it was quite a success.

We want to thank all the patrons who have taken a few minutes to fill out our updated form for new bar-code library cards. This is a huge help to us! Since we are getting much closer to having all our collection computer cataloged, we are preparing to “go live”. The bar-code cards will be needed for checking out books then. Everyone who has filled out a new form will have a bar-code card all ready for them when they 1st check out a book under the new system. Anyone who hasn’t done that will need to fill out the form and wait while we make & laminate a new card, which will slow things down for them & for other patrons waiting to check out their books. We are asking any of our patrons who haven’t filled out a new form to please do it as soon as you can. You will just need ID and few minutes of your time.

Our May Mini Book Sale earned us $100 to add to our book budget. These little 2-3 week book sales here in the library are a good boost to the library budget and fun for the many people who stop in to buy books at super bargain prices. It also makes us happy to see those books find new homes where they will be enjoyed. We will probably have another Mini Book Sale in the Fall, but plans aren’t finalized. Watch for posters in the library & around the area, and a notice on our website.

The Friends of the Library Group is selling mugs with the library logo on the front and a quote “Knowledge is free at the library. Just bring your own container.” This quote always makes us smile. The mugs cost $12.95, and we have some here at the library. They are white with either red or blue trim. The Friends will use the proceeds to benefit the library, as they have done many times over the years.

We have some copies of a new book put out by the Limington Historical Society. It’s called “Limington Town Records, Incorporation through Antebellum, 1792-1860”. There’s some interesting information in there about life in the early years of this town. They cost $20. All the proceeds will benefit the Limington Historical Society which works very hard to preserve and teach about our town’s long and interesting history.

Our long-time friend & benefactor, Charles Hoffman, has recently sent 4 new books in 2 of the “cozy mystery” series that are so popular here. We really appreciate his generosity, as do many of our patrons who are always excited to get the latest books. If you like a “cozy mystery”, look for them the next time you are in the library.