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Davis Memorial Library




Written by Mary Braley

Hello from your library. Our garden is greeting our patrons with crocuses and daffodils, with more lovely flowers to come. After having huge piles of snow all around, those brightly colored blooms are lifting everyone’s spirits.

We are planning another Mini Book Sale in early to mid May. When we are sure of the dates, we will put up signs here at the library and many other local places. Our big table and some shelves will be covered with a great selection of books, and as usual we will have bargain prices. All proceeds go to running the library. This is a great time of year to stock up on books to enjoy over the summer. Along with our usual big selection of adult reading, there will be a lot of kids’ books so the youngsters in your life can have some good books to spend time with this summer, too.

Our computer cataloguing project is moving right along. A new improvement in the program we are using is making the job go faster, and we are really happy about that. We also have 3 volunteers, a library trustee, a retired school librarian, and a college student within weeks of getting her degree in library science. With all this help, we can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel!

Once our computer cataloging project is completed, we will be switching to checking out books with the computer. Before that time everyone needs to fill out a new form because none of the existing cards can be transferred. Everyone who has made out a new form will get new bar-coded cards when we start computer check-out, so that they can use the system. All you will need for this is your ME driver’s license or other official ID, and something with your address on it if it’s different from your license. The whole thing will take just a few minutes of your time. The new system won’t do family cards so all adults in a household will need their own cards. Children will be able to use a parent or guardian’s card however. Parents can sign for a card for high school age children if they choose to.

Our Story Hour is growing! it’s still small by big library standards, but compared to a year ago, it’s much bigger! We started with 1-3 little ones, and some weeks no one came, but “Miss Heidi” was here every week with stories, simple crafts, smiles, and hugs, and now we have 6 & 7 children enjoying a good time here. We are happy to see them all and will be happy to welcome more. We love to see small children enjoying their library and starting a lifetime of reading and learning.

Our friend and former patron, Charles Hoffman, has sent us 8 books in a new “cozy mystery” series, called “Amish Inn mysteries”. We have already started processing them, and our fans of those kinds of books are happily waiting for them to go on the shelves. If you like a light, relaxing book, give these a try. We are very thankful for Mr. Hoffman’s generosity!

We have been blessed with some excellent donations of children’s board books and picture books. We have also gotten some very interesting non-fiction books for both children and adults, plus some teen fiction & light adult fiction. These donations really help us to keep a great selection of books here for all our patrons, and we are grateful for them. We are gradually adding them to our collection, so keep your eyes open for these “new to us” book.

We are always grateful for donations, but if you bring them when we aren’t open, we want to ask you to please put them in the white “package drop” in the yard, or if the donation is too big, in the little “house” just beyond the package drop. That way the books, movies, etc. won’t get wet, lost or otherwise damaged, and we will recognize them as donations. We check these two places every day when we open the library, so we will be sure to find them.

We still have a collection basket here at the library for the Limington Food Pantry, and take any donations of non-perishable food, plus cleaning and personal care items. All the donations are very much appreciated by the Food Pantry and the local people they serve.