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The Davis Memorial Library was built in 1912 and is on the National Historic Register. We have been serving the town of Limington, and surrounding communities, for over one hundred years.

The library is small, just one room, but we have a varied collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, for adults, teens, and children. We also lend books on CD, movies on DVD, and magazines. If you are looking for a book that we do not own we can request it for you through our inter library loan system.


We have 3 computers available to the public during our open hours, and our wi-fi can be accessed from the lawn and parking area 24/7.


We have a printer/copier , and can also send outgoing fax -  we cannot make change for large bills, so please bring proper change if using these services (copy print - 15 cents for B&W per page, $1 for a full color page, faxes are $1 for the 1st page and 25 cents for each additional page)

As a one room library we cannot offer private meeting space, but patrons are welcome to use the table in the center of the room, or the table in the children’s section.


The Friends of the Davis Memorial Library are a non-profit group that supports the library. They conduct fundraising activities, and help promote the library. An active friends group is necessary to a public library, and new members are always welcome.


The Friends meet quarterly, and membership forms are available at the library.

The Friends of the DML have joined the clynk recycling program.

Now  you can support your library and recycle at the same time. Please take a look at the flier and find out how to join the program. It is easy.

FMI call the library at 637-2422



Non-profit 501(c)(3) since 2002


Janine Nichoalds (2021)

Tonda Townsend (2022)

Claudette Townsend (2019)

Diane Qualey (2020)

Ruth Blake (2018)


The Trustees meet the second Tuesday in January, March, May, September and November at 7:00 p.m.


Trustee meetings are open to the public, However, the library will be closed for business during the meetings.

In the late 1800’s the Limington library was a small building approximately a quarter of the size of our current library.People using the library during these early years paid ten cents per month or one dollar per year . All books were donated. In 1901the library was made free to everyone.


In 1912 Walter Davis gave the current building, a one room brick Colonial Revival structure designed by John Calvin Stevens, to the town to be used as the Davis Memorial Library in memory of his father William G. Davis.


William G. Davis grew up poor on a family farm in Limington. At the age of 14, young William walked 30 miles to Portland, Maine to “make his fortune”. He went barefoot because shoes were too expensive and precious to wear out unnecessarily.


He spent the next couple of decades working in a flour mill, a bakery, and as a peddler.


By the time he was 33 he had built a successful business selling canned meat to the union army during the Civil War, and exporting canned lobster to England. Young William had indeed made his fortune. He even had a fine home in Portland that was, unfortunately, burned in the Great Fire of 1866.


Throughout his life he never forgot about his hometown, and he and his family remained interested in Limington. To thank the town that raised his father, Walter G. Davis gave this library, so that it would be a bit easier for the people of Limington to improve their lives as William had done.


The Davis Memorial Library is listed on the National Historic Register, and retains it’s original charm. Over the years the library has received some renovation - such as electricity, a furnace, and a bathroom!


In 1975 the "hide and seek" cannon known as "Old Boynton", was given to the town by the Emery family and mounted on the library lawn facing Limington's Veterans Memorial. The cannon was scarred in the famous naval battle off the coast of Maine, between the British ship, the Boxer, and the American ship, the Enterprise, during the War of 1812. In 1997, a stone bench was placed near the cannon in memory of late librarian, Althea Sawyer.


Librarians from 1887-1942


Sarah Small

Carrie PLaisted

Myra Whitney

Sadie Brackett

Florence Meserve

Edith Peters

Marita Sawyer


Librarians since 1942


Alice Wentworth 1942-1959

J P Cory 1961-1962

Louise Haley 1963-1969

Virginia Smith 1970-1983

Gemma Huntress 1983-1986

Tammy Pike 1987-1989

Althea Sawyer 1989-1996

Lea Sutton 1996-2005

Kay Deal 2005-2012

Mariah Machado 2012-



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Mariah Machado

Library Director

Mary Braley

Assistant Librarian,
Genealogy Consultant

Heidy Libby
Assistant Librarian